MPS-Gold 100 and MPS-Gold 3x Combo

MPS-Gold 100 and MPS-Gold 3x Combo

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This is a pair/set of one each of: MPS-GOLD 100 is extracted from the gel (inner leaf only) of organically grown Aloe Vera as a loose powder. The active ingredients are Glyconutrients, defined as sugars that are useful to the body. The Glyconutrients extracted from Aloe Vera gel are more specifically referred to as Galactomannans. MPS-GOLD taken orally supports a healthy immune system, cellular regeneration, and overall improvement of cell to cell communication. MPS-GOLD provides much needed additional Mannose and Galactose in a form that the body can utilize effectively as Galactomannans for many different biological functions. The MPS-GOLD 100 active ingredients are a combination of Galactose and Mannose with an average molecular weight of over 1 million Dalton and supplemented by 20% Acemannan. University Studies have shown that Aloe Vera products with a molecular weight of 1 million Dalton and larger activate the macrophage which directs the activity of the body's immune system. Molecular weight analysis proves that MPS-GOLD 100 contains stabilized Galactomannan Glyconutrients extracted from fresh living Aloe Vera gel as a loose powder MPS GOLD 3X is supportive to MPS-GOLD 100 and should not be taken independently. MPS-GOLD 3X contains a proprietary and narrow molecular weight range that is associated with supporting the T4 and Macrophage cells in the immune system. These molecular weights are considered Galactomannan Glyconutrients in the same way that the broad range of molecular weights in MPS-GOLD 100 are also considered Glyconutrient Galactomannans. By taking MPS-GOLD 3X along with MPS-GOLD 100, support is given to its Acemannan component (the molecular weights of over 1,000,000 Dalton) and an additional boost is given to the immune system. In fact, the effect of MPS-GOLD 3X increases the overall immune system effect by up to three times when taken with MPS-GOLD 100.


  • MPS
  • MPS 3X Supports the MPS-GOLD 100 to increase immune system response in health maintenance and therapeutic situations
  • Good for both health maintenance and therapeutic reasons
  • Supports overall improvement of cell to cell communication Supports optimum health of the gut and the nervous system

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