Eniva Bio-Chlor Liquid Greens Chlorophyll Complex Concentrate (16…

Eniva Bio-Chlor Liquid Greens Chlorophyll Complex Concentrate (16 oz)

Eniva Bio-Chlor Liquid Greens Chlorophyll Complex Concentrate (16 oz) Rating:
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Product Description

Eniva Bio-Chlor+ Liquid Greens Complex is a specialized dietary blend of chlorophyll liquid supplements and body conditioning phytonutrients. This carefully designed Chlorophyll & Body Conditioner Formula focuses on supporting natural body conditioning and detoxifying pathways.* Chlorophyll Supplement: The specialized green pigment in plants which harnesses the suns energy for photosynthesis. Broad spectrum body conditioner, detoxifier and deodorizer.* L-glutamine: An amino acid which directly supports and nourishes the health of the intestines.* Inulin: A prebiotic component that supports regularity, immune function and the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.* Apple Extract: Provides broad spectrum naturally occurring phytonutrients supporting natural body detoxifying pathways.*Eniva Bio-Chlor+ Chlorophyll & Body Conditioner Formula contains chlorophyllins from the natural extract of mulberry leaf as well as other valuable nutrients. Its unique ingredient blend provides the body with a broad spectrum Chlorophyllin Complex. Chlorophyllins help promote overall body health.*Chlorophyll is similar in structure to the hemoglobin molecule found in human blood. Within the plant, it performs multiple metabolic functions including respiration and growth.Nature's First Gift for WellnessSince the beginning of time, chlorophyll has been a symbol of life. Before man discovered fire or learned to hunt animals, he ate green plants. The "green" was chlorophyll, a substance responsible for absorbing and harnessing the energy of the sun involved in photosynthesis. As nature's first gift, chlorophyll continues to nourish and promote wellness.*Ingredients: Purified water, chicory inulin,natural flavors (natural extracts and essential oils), l-glutamine, copper chlorophyllin (from mulberry leaf), malic acid, xanthan gum, sorbic and/or benzoic acid(s) (protect freshness), stevia.


  • Internal Conditioner Digestive Tract Detoxifier Supports Healthy Oxygenation Supports Healthy Cellular Membranes Supports Intestinal Health Supports Circulatory Health Body Deodorizer.
  • No Artificial Colors / Flavors Paraben Free Gluten Free Vegetarian Friendly No Fish Ingredients Non-GMO Ingredients No Irradiation No Pasteurization.
  • The unique BioChlor+ ingredient blend provides a broad spectrum Chlorophyllin Complex. Naturally support the normal structure, function & health of intestinal organs, circulatory systems & membranes.
  • Not irradiated or pasteurized, with no artificial colors, flavors, or sugars. Gluten-free, diabetic friendly, vegan. Doctor formulated and made in Minnesota, USA.
  • Directions: Adults: Add 1 teaspoon daily (5mL).It is recommended to not exceed 3 teaspoons daily. Shake well before using. Recommendations: May combine with 8 ounces of water / juice.

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