Dr Miller Miracle Tea (Holy)

Dr Miller Miracle Tea (Holy)

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A special blend of Malva leaves, Blessed Thistle, Holy Thistle, Milk Thistle, Marshmallow leaves and Persimmon Leaves that is easy to use and tastes great. Allow yourself the benefits of a much needed liver cleanse. With continued use of Holy Tea, you can expect clearer, healthier, younger looking skin, increased energy and a happier personality! As you remove toxic deposits from your body, you will lose dark moods caused by sluggish elimination. By choosing how many cups of this tea you drink in a day you can regulate your bowel movements to two or three each day. Keep the toxic waste flowing, not sitting in your digestive system, rotting and filling you with poisons that cause aches, disease and aging. Furthermore, a liver detox will relieve you of constipation and promote weight loss, as well as an overall healthier body. Living a healthy lifestyle is invaluable and should not be taken for granted. We have one body to carry us through this life, so it's cardinal that we maintain and improve ourselves as much as possible. Consider using Holy Tea for a thorough liver cleanse, it'll do you wonders.


  • Break Down Toxic Waste and Flush It Out of Your System
  • Calm Your Digestive System, Relieve Bloating, Improve Elimination
  • Increase Your Energy, Sleep Better and Take Inches Off Your Belly
  • 8 tea bags - each bag makes 12 cups, or 3 to 4 days' supply

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