Freedom From The Story: From Trauma To Passion & Purpose

Freedom From The Story: From Trauma To Passion & Purpose

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This book takes the reader into the realm of the author's personal healing journey, wandering from the Andes Mountains of Peru to various places in her native country. Along the way, she realized that the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and psychologically abusive adult relationships once holding her captive, became her ticket to freedom. It was the wound that catapulted her into a greater sense of passion and purpose. The insights she extracted from a severe illness as well as various spiritual practices and transpersonal experiences reconnected her with her true self and the love that is the essence of all things. She has come to understand that mystical experiences induce a powerful sense of interconnectedness, the keystone of healing and thriving in human life.

The author also takes it a step further from the personal to the collective, as she presents the societal implications of abuse and trauma, and the importance of breaking the silence surrounding these issues in order to move forward as a thriving society, creating a more prosperous future.

Insights into the nature of the healing journey are presented as the author has observed this process through her personal and professional life as a seeker, coach, and teacher.

Freedom from the Story is essentially a journey of spiritual awakening.


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