Iodine For Life 12.5 Mg Iodoral Starter Kit. Thyroid, Breast, and…

Iodine For Life 12.5 Mg Iodoral Lugols Iodine Starter Kit. Thyroid, Breast, and Immune System Support.

Iodine For Life 12.5 Mg Iodoral Lugols Iodine Starter Kit. Thyroid, Breast, and Immune System Support. Rating:
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Iodine deficiency leads to breast, prostate, and thyroid problems, fibromyalgia, cancers, depression and other common ailments, which are often misdiagnosed and treated with perscription drugs instead of iodine the body needs. The natural anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties of Lugols Iodine/iodide clear our blood of pathogens and are essential to proper thyroid and immune system function. This relates directly to our overall health and well being, yet there is a critical lack of iodine in the U.S. food supply. Over the past 30 years the average iodine intake in the U.S. has decreased by over 50% while our incidence of disease has increased. Recent research and a growing number of health practitioners indicate that Iodine deficiency may be the cause. Iodine is essential to good health and it is the only element that has its own organ, the thyroid gland, to ensure its distribution throughout the body. Here in the U.S. the published government RDA for iodine is just 150 mcg per day which is too low for whole body sufficiency. By comparison, in Japan the average person consumes 12 milligrams per day, about 80 times more, and they are much healthier. Their incidence of breast cancer and infant mortality are half that of the U.S., they live an average of 5 years longer and their total cancer rates are about one third of ours. In a recent survey of 1478 cancer patients, 93% had a low saliva pH. Iodine raises saliva pH and eliminates the low pH environment where cancers thrive. Lugols Iodine will improve thyroid function, boost metabolism, increase energy, and may reduce your dependence on perscription medications. The Lugols Iodine Solution in our kits is from mined crystals, not from kelp, is always fresh, never expires, and has no shelf life. All Iodine for Life Starter Kits include background research, case histories, complete instructions and the highest quality ingredients, in one convenient kit.


  • Iodoral is Lugols Iodine in tablet form. Lugols Iodine is nature's strongest natural defense against human ailments.
  • Lugols Iodine weakens harmful pathogens in the blood so that our immune system can destroy and remove them from the body.
  • Lugols Iodine restores natural pH balance and helps maintain normal inter-cellular free oxygen levels.
  • Lugols Iodine has been proven safe and effective in the treatment of many human ailments since 1829, with over 180 years of beneficial use.
  • Everything you need included. Find out more about Nature's strongest natural defense against illness and disease. Learn how to eliminate iodine deficiency symptoms and protect your health.

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